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Welcome to our Cryptocurrencies Exchange Center is owned by the young Bulgarian company Presto Capital EOOD. is an interactive OTC platform for cryptocurrency trading.

At present, we conduct trading and settlements with 4 major cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Etherium. Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Besides we can provide any Altcoin which interests you at the best market conditions. We do not know which cryptocurrency will become a hit tomorrow, but we are ready to meet  the new challenges. Our aim is to ensure a fast, easy and profitable deal for everyone.

Our ambition is to continue our development and not to compromise on the quality of the service provided.


Since the autumn of the year 2018 we started offering spot and reverse forward transactions at a negotiated rate for those who need liquid cash and the downward market trend did not allow them to close the available crypto assets.

We aim to be helpful and work for our mutual benefit, so we also introduced the new crypto portfolio management service.

We believe that the time of digital money and financial solutions is yet to come. That is why we are investing resources (fiat), lots of energy and time in the future of financial technology.

Useful / Interesting topics about Crypto Currencies

FAQ / Here you will find answers to the most important questions
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1. What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies or digital currencies are the basis of a new electronic payment system.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, which was first introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto.


How does the Bitcoin network work?

The launch of new Bitcoins in circulation is called mining. Since people send Bitcoins to each other, someone has to monitor the correctness of the exchange, which is the job of the miners.


For what and why should I use Bitcoin?

You can pay by or exchange Bitcoins at any location in the world without high bank fees, no intermediaries and almost instantly.


What determines the price of Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin is influenced by the supply and demand of cryptocurrency, which in turn depend on a variety of factors.